Noa Gamepaper


  • Please be aware that this is a living document and it will be updated and modified if necessary, according to the changes made to the game. These changes could happen anytime in order to ensure proper gameplay and fair balancing for all players.
  • Noa Game is a free to use application that runs on the Wax Blockchain. It uses smart contracts technology that enables the use of Non-Fungible Tokens “NFT” as in-game assets. Using smart contracts, users of the game can transfer NFTs to the wallet accounts owned by the game. The transferred NFTs will become visible assets used to play the game.
  • Access to the game can only be done using Wax Cloud Wallet ( or Anchor Wallet (
  • We have no control over WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor Wallet, the browsers used, WAX blockchain, or any other third-party site, product, or service that users might use to gain access to our game. We will not be liable for any acts or damage that might result from the user interaction with any such third parties.
  • The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and unpredictable. Purchasing NOA token, any other token or NFTs associated with our game is considered a risk, the tokens or NFTs may become worthless. No purchase can be refunded or exchanged by the initial sellers.
  • Financial advice is recommended for further guidance before purchasing NFTs or tokens that could be deposited in our game.