Noa Gamepaper

Upgrading Cards

Blend your way to victory!
In Noa Game you can upgrade cards via blending.
You can currently upgrade a card from Common rarity all the way up to Mythic rarity.
You can do this in the Neftyblocks interface and burn the necessary NFTs for a new, more powerful one.
To get more powerful and higher rarity game cards, you usually need to burn the lower rarity version + specific NFTs such as rarity and unpgrade shards.
You can START UPGRADING YOUR CARDS HERE. All of the available blends for Noa Game are on that page.
Upgrading is a vital part of Noa Game and it allows you to play at higher tiers and earn more tokens and loot. Players aim should be Tier 20+.
Higher tiers allows you to participate and compete in the Champion leaderboard for the best possible rewards as well as be prepared for the extra tiers and game mode that will be introduced in the game.