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Mana Potion

This NFT boosts token earnings and stores up to 10 hourly first win earning charges in Noa Game
2 Mana Potions available - Legendary and Mythic
Mana potion is empty on equip and it requires 45 minutes to gain one charge. It can hold up to 10 charges. One charge is consumed when a game is played and the player is rewarded 100% token reward corresponding to the tier played.
With the Mana Potion, you can play a game every 45 minutes. This will consume the available charge. Or you can choose when to spend all of the available charges. If you have 5 charges, you will be able to play 5 games with rewards active.
If you reach 10 charges, the 10x reward game will become available. Playing this game mode will consume all 10 charges.
10x rewards game does exactly what it says. Once played, you will receive 10x rewards. This applies to both token and loot drop chance. If the tier has a total of 5% loot drop chance, the 10x game will have a 50% loot drop chance.
Having a Mana Potion equipped also increases your overall token earnings for all available tiers. See Rewards page for details.
There are 2 versions of the Mana Potion available. They both function the same way but the Mythic version also has the following bonus stats: 3% Crit Chance, 7% Crit Damage, 5% Crit Defense and 10% Token Earnings.

Mana Potion (Legendary)

You can find it on Atomichub marketplace HERE

Mana Potion (Mythic)

You can find it on Atomichub marketplace HERE
To equip it go to Account
And in Account click on the Mana Potion and then click SAVE to stake it.