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CPU Perfomance

The idea behind NOA game is far more complex than just staking some NFTs and computing some rewards over time based on a simple mathematical formula as most of the games that are currently on the blockchain do.
  • First of all, NOA app simulates a complete game of cards between 2 players (user and NPC) with all the possible events that can happen based on the stats and abilities of the cards involved. As it can be easily deduced from game's specifications (read gamepaper) the whole logic contains a lot of random events starting with shuffling the decks of both players to computing the probabilities of certain things that might happen during the game (evade, miss chance, critical hit, DOT, etc.) and up to computing the probabilities for user loot rewards. In order to make sure that some fair chances are created there are a lot or random chances that need to be generated each time a user plays a game.
  • Besides the generation of the random chances there is a lot of logic behind the whole play action that basically simulates the game and decides the outcome. Again, it is not just a mathematical formula that magically computes the results and decides on the winner. It represents an algorithm that naturally follows the flow of the events in the game and makes step by step decisions.
  • In order to display the whole gameplay there is a lot of data that has to be stored and there are certain contract specific limitations that make those operations take a pretty big amount of CPU. This is the whole reason why we offer the players that are interested only in the earnings the possibility of skipping directly to the results and saving a significant amount of CPU (resulting in a play transaction that consumes an average of 4-5ms).
  • The staking operations associated to the game are optimized in order to use the smallest amount of CPU possible but of course this CPU is bounded to the amount of items that are staked/unstaked
  • We can ensure the NOA community that the whole team is constantly working in order to optimize all the transactions that are involved in the game and provide the best experiences to our users.
Current CPU costs for the PLAY transaction:
  • Normal Play without skipping game: 7ms average
  • Normal Play with Skip Game at tier select: 4ms average
The above costs apply for 10X Reward Games as well. it is recommended if you do not have a larger portion of Wax staked that you play this mode only.
By Play only 3x 10X Reward Games you will use on average around 2-22ms of CPU if you watch the games and 12-13 of CPU if you choose to skip during tier select.