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Hero Classes

Each class is important and has its own role


A true champion, a warrior will never back down from a fight.
Attack class. Deals physical damage, usually has medium to heavy armor, focuses on dealing Area of Effect damage attacks or very high damage on single targets. It is a balanced class with stats in the medium range. Usually weaker against magic damage. Medium critical hit chance with an emphasis on raw damage. Relies on powerful hits or AoE.
Cunning, decisive and quick, rogues are masters of tricks and disguises.
Attack and de-buff class. Has a higher critical hit chance than other classes but lacks on defensive stats. Has lower armor and magic resist and a higher evade chance. Can have the highest speed of all classes. Can deal very high single target critical damage as well as de-buff enemy units stripping them of defensive or offensive abilities.
Scholars, keepers of lore and masters of the elements, mages control the forces of nature.
Attack class. Deals magic damage, has medium health points and low armor but higher magic resist. Attacks usually focus on one target but can easily spread to damage others. Has medium critical hit chance and evade but master the art of critical defense.
Selfless non-combatants, healers restore morale on the battleground to ensure victory.
Healing and support class. Does not deal damage. Restores health points and can provide various buffs for their team. Have medium physical defenses, high magic defenses and medium to high health. Heals are affected and increased by critical hit chance and critical hit damage.
True protectors, guardians sacrifice themselves on the battleground to ensure that their allies win.
Tank class. Deals low damage and has very low critical hit chance, critical damage and evade. Has very high defensive stats and can withstand a lot more damage than any other hero on the battleground. Usually, guardians absorb damage and cast shields and protective buffs for their team.
Captains of the battleground, Supports empower their allies and weaken their enemies.
Buff and de-buff class. Has medium defensive stats and medium to low offensive stats. Excels at helping their team win battles by providing various buffs and shields that will make them stronger. Can usually also de-buff and weaken enemy team.