Noa Gamepaper


In Noa Game you can equip boosts to increase the overall strength of the cards that are in your deck. After the Boosts Update, the enemy NPC deck also uses boosts which makes it harder to beat without equipping your own.
You can easily equip (stake) any of the boosts you own by going to Account.
In account, the Boosts window is simiar to the deck one where you can see pages of your available boosts cards in the left panel and the equipped ones or available slots in the smaller panel on the right side.
Each account starts with 4 available boosts slots and 2 unlockable ones. To unlock a boost slot, you must pay NOA tokens.
There are 2 types of boosts,
  • Legacy Boosts
  • Game Boosts
The differences between the two is the overall visual design and the fact that the NFTs sit in different schemas. Legacy Boosts can be found in the gamepass schema and the Game Boosts in the gamecards schema.
You can equip a maximum of 4 Legacy Boosts and a maximum of 3 Game Boosts. You cannot equip 2 boosts with the same name even if their rarity is different.

For more information about boosts, where to buy, what they do and examples go to the THE NFTS section on the Boosts Page.