Noa Gamepaper

NOA Token

NOA is the token earned from playing 16 vs 16 classic games
Token Name: NOA
Symbol: NOA
Network: Wax Blockchain
Max Supply: 100,000,000
Circulation: Dynamic and dependent on the number of players and the overall in-game mining power. No tokens were in circulation when the game was released on 18th of January 2022. As supply dries, the Game Treasury will be replenished using the in game spent tokens. Tokens in the Treasury will be distributed back to players via the play-to-earn mechanisms.
Noas are the main currency of Noa Game built on the Wax blockchain. Noas symbol is NOA and the Game Treasury isadministered via the game contract noagametoken.


Initial Sale (token chests)
Game Pool (players earnings)
Development Pool
Reward and Giveaways Pool
Advertising Pool
Liquidity Pool (phase 1)
Liquidity Pool (phase 2 & 3 increase)
Initial Sale: Redeemable Chests of Noas that were in the Player Pack (310 packs minted)
Game Pool: Total amount that can be earned by players
Development Pool: Used for testing purposes, to support any possible events that may come up that will require use of token and to support the development of the game if necessary. Could be used for promotional purposes if the Rewards and Giveaways Pool is drained.
Liquidity Pool: Amount of Noas added in phases 1,2 and 3 of the game. These amounts are not necessarily fixed and adjustments will be made if the pool will require a larger sum of Noas. Any extra token will come from the Development Fund Pool.


In Phase 1 of the game, you spend Noas in order to increase your deck power and implicitly you increase your overall mining of tokens. Larger amounts of Noas will be used in Phase 2.
Noas are rewarded at the end of each game played. The game features a play to earn mechanism where players can earn by playing games, completing quests and doing other various activities that are available.
Noas can be spent initially in the game shop interface to purchase upgrade shards and various booster packs, game boosts and other NFTs that will help players advance into the game.
In the next phase of the game, NOA token will be necessary and used to advance in the game. Future dungeons or boss modes will consume tokens when played. Players will have to pay a fee in token to enter and play.
Others future usse of the token will include stakings for rewards and in game buffs and adding to liquidity pool for extra rewards.


The amount of tokens earned from the 10% fee are sent to the noagamefunds wallet. Half of this sum will be retired and the other half will be introduced back into the game and distributed among players as reward for different play to earn activities such as weekly token rewards for completing quests and ranking high on the weekly leaderboard. The remaining tokens left after this distribution will be sent back into the Game Fund Pool.
The retiring of half the fee and the distribution of the other half will happen only when the noagamefundswallet will own 5% of total max supply of Noas, which represent 5,000,000 NOA tokens.
Out of the 5 million tokens, 2.5million will be retired and the other 2.5million will go back into the Game Funds Pool. This event will also trigger a lowering of 10% in overall in-game earnings by players and will happen a total of 10 times resulting in 25,000,000 NOA tokens retired and a totalof 65% reduction of in-game earnings.
In-game earning reduction is a positive event. The mining power of players will be increasing over time and overall, even with the reduction, the amount of tokens earned will increase while the token value will increase as well. The 10% earnings reduction will always apply on the current earnings and not on the initial earnings before the first reduction was triggered.


Buyback program is thesecond deflationary mechanism that will be implemented and it involves the allocation of funds by the Developers to buy token back from the marketplace. A maximum of 5,000,000 NOA tokens are to be retired via buyback.
Funds for the buyback program are to be allocated from the secondary marketplace sale fees and any future game related sales.
The portion of funds allocated for buyback will be determined by the game team during weekly meetings. Higher earnings will always result in higher allocation of buyback funds.
This program is also meant to increase the token value for all holders and assist with maintaining the ROI (return of investment) of all players.
Token flow in phase 1