Noa Gamepaper


Each game is started at random by the player or the enemy NPC.
When the game starts, 2 types of cards (hero and support) are randomly picked from the cards pile and placed on the battleground (playing table) for both the player and the enemy NPC.
  • 4 Hero cards
  • 2 Support cards
The 4 hero cards on the playground will always be active and take action(attack enemy cards, buff or heal ally cards).
The support cards will act as buffs that will improve and give power to the hero cards. The 2 cards drawn out of the 10 cannot be changed and will remain active throughout the game.
When a hero card takes enough damage and has its HP (health points) reduced to 0, it will be discarded and replaced by another random card from the deck pile (if there are any left).
Each card has a speed assigned. Speed determines which hero will take action first.
The hero that attacks will always pick a random enemy target unless stated otherwise on the cards that are placed on the playground.
The healer class deals no damage and when its turn comes, it will always target the ally with the lowest health points. If 2 or more allies have the same lowers health points, one will be randomly targeted.
Games are played in turns. See Turns Page next for more info.
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