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Skills & Effects

These are the icons shown in game. If any of these effects are applied, its corresponding icon will show during the battle just under the card it is affecting.
Area of Effect (AOE)
Heroes with this skill will always hit all of enemy cards on the playground. AOE will always deal less damage to each target.
For example, if a hero deals 10 damage and its AOE attack deals only 30% damage, then that hero will deal 3 damage to each enemy target. AOE can also deal critical damage.
Splash Damage
Deals 20% of damage dealt to the initial target to its adjacent allies.
Example: If one target is hit for 10 damage, and it has allies on left and right, then those allies will receive 2 damage each. Splash can also deal critical damage.
Damage over Time (DOT)
Deals less damage but the target is hit every time an action is taken on the playground for an entire round.
Example: A target is hit and a DOT is applied by the hero card Flame Boy. It deals initial damage and afterwards it will continue to deal damage every time an action will be taken on the battleground. Normally Flame boy would deal 10 damage on a regular hit, but the DOT only deals 30% of the damage per tick (3 damage in this case). If 8 more actions are performed on the battleground before the turn ends, then the target will get hit 8 more times resulting in a total of 24 damage dealt (8x3 damage/tick=24 total damage).DOT effect can also deal critical damage.
Applies 50% miss chance on target. Target has only 50% chance to hit (or heal when applicable). Blind lasts for only 1 turn.
Blind effect is removed once the target it is applied on makes an action and consumes the effect.
Stunned heroes cannot take any action. The stun effect cancel the action of the card it is applied on. Stun lasts for only 1 turn.
If a hero card is stunned and it is its turn to take action. The effect denies the action but is removed right after.
Absorbing Shield
All damage taken by this shield is redirected to its caster.
Example: B-1000 hero card casts Absorbing Shield on its 3 ally cards increasing their HP by 30 points each. On next enemy hit, one of the allies takes 50 damage. The ally that was hit receives only 20 damage and loses the shield while B-1000, the caster of the shield receives the extra 30 damage.
If a hero card is hit with this effect active on itself, it will redirect the entire damage onto the attacker. Any special effects casted by the attacker during its action will be denied.
Boosted Defenses
All or some defensive stats are boosted by the custom amount that is specific to the hero or support card that casts this effect.
Defensive stats are: Armor (AR), Magic Resist (MR), Evade and Critical Hit Defense
Boosted Offenses
All or some offensive stats are boosted by the custom amount that is specific to the hero or support card that casts this effect.
Offensive stats are: Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage
All skills that lower enemy cards offensive or defensive stats are debuffs.
States and effects icons hjow they appear in game