Noa Gamepaper

The Story

How it all started
Hello there reader! We are Alex and Andreea, parents of Noa, both the boy and the project.
It all started before we found out about NFTs. Alex created a set of trading card games featuring illustrations of little baby Noa. This was a gift for Andreea. A few months later Alex found the Wax blockchain and community so decided to take it a step further. A few tweaks here and there and Noa Superhuman Series 1 collection was released. It was a great success and many collectors got involved and supported the project. This all happened in the first half of 2021.
In August of the same year, Alex and Andreea partnered up with a group of very talented developers. The work to create Noa Game began. Half a year later, it was released for everyone to enjoy.
In less than 1 year a DIY side project turned into a successful NFT project and a game that is fully built on blockchain. And here at Noa, we like to say that it is only the begining of a long road that is ahead of us.