10X Reward Games

In Noa Game you have the option to play a game every 7.5 hours with 10x reward active. This means that you can play 3 games per day (24 hours) and enjoy full rewards.

10x reward games require charges. You can get one charge every 45 minutes if you have Mana Potion equipped. To learn more about the Mana Potion NFT see Mana Potion page.

10x reward games were designed to help with the higher CPU cost of the games. This way you only spend CPU for only 3 transactions. You also save time by not having to play every hour or 10 games every 7.5 hours with Mana Potion.

There are 2 versions of the Mana Potion available. They both function the same way but the Mythic version also has the following bonus stats: 3% Crit Chance, 7% Crit Damage, 5% Crit Defense and 10% Token Earnings.

10x rewards game does exactly what it says. Once played, you will receive 10x rewards. This applies to both token and loot drop chance. If the tier has a total of 5% loot drop chance, the 10x game will have a 50% loot drop chance.

You can see the available charges in the game interface at any time.

If 10 charges are available, the PLAY button next to the timer becomes available. Click it and then play as you would a normal game.

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