Noa Gamepaper

How to Play

How to start a game
In Noa Game you can either play a single game or use 10 charges from the Mana Potion NFT to play a 10x reward game. See Mana Potion section to learn more about 10x games.

What you need to play:

  • 16 Hero game cards. You can equip a maximum of 2 of each hero card (can be any rarity) — you can buy here IMPORTANT: Currently you can only have 1 guardian and 1 healer class in your deck. So do not buy more than 1 unless you plan to switch and test each individually with your build
  • 10 Support game cards. You can equip a maximum of 2 of each support card (can be any rarity) — you can buy here
  • Optional: Account Boosts. Powerful NFTs that will increase the power of your cards. Must haves to beat the top tiers — you can buy here and here.
First you have to LOGIN.
You can login into the game using Wax Cloud Wallet or Anchor Wallet
After you have successfully logged into the game, you will see the main menu. In the main menu, go to DECK.
Select DECK
The DECK is where you will see all your game cards. But before you do anything, on your first login, you will have to ADD DECKS using the + button.
Click on the + buttons where the white arrows are pointing
On the right side of the MAIN DECK and SUPPORT DECK there is a + button for each. Click on both to add the decks.
After, go to the bottom of these 2 decks and click on MAKE ACTIVE for both.
You only need to add decks and make them active once. At a later date, owning more than 1 deck will be possible and you wille be able to switch between these decks.
After you have added and made both decks active, it is time to add cards into these decks.
On the left side is where you can see the cards that you own. You can filter those by rarity and type.
Here you can sort the cards by rarity
Here you can switch between Hero and Support cards
Add cards from your inventory to deck simply by clicking on them
Click on cards to add to deck. Click save when deck is filled
Once both decks are filled (16 heroes and 10 support), click on the SAVE button for both.
Click save
You are now ready to play! But before that, if you own and account boosts, you should equip those too if you have them.

Equip account boosts

In the menu bar at the top, on the left side, click on the account button
Account button
It works the same as it does with the deck. Click on the available boosts to equip. You can have a total of 6 boosts active at any time (2 must be unlocked with NOA token). Once you equip boosts, click on SAVE.
Now you are ready to play.

Click on the PLAY button.

A pop-up with the available tiers will appear.
Select the tier you wish to play on and click START
First time playing, only tier 1 will be available. Once you beat tier 1, tier 2 will become available and playable anytime. The maximum playable tier in Phase 1 is 25.
You can also SKIP GAME entirely and go straight to results. This will save you time and it cuts the CPU cost of the transactions by more than 60%. To skip, simply check the skip box above the start button in the tier selection window.
Check this box to skip the gameplay part and go straight to results
After signing 2 transactions the game will start
The game starts. Click on START to begin.
Click on START to begin. Your cards and the npc opponent cards will be placed and round 1 will be played.
Cards are placed on the battleground and the battle will start
The battle starts. To win you must have have at least 1 more hero card standing while your opponent has none left.
You can either watch the game on normal speed, fast forward to watch the action faster or skip to the end and see the result.
pause, fast forward or skip to end
At the end of the battle you can see how much NOA token you received for the played game and if there is any LOOT available. If you find loot, the CLAIM button will become available, click it and the prize will be sent to your wax wallet.
Game without loot.
Game with loot.


For blending cards into higher rarity and other blends go Blends in the main menu. Or you can GO HERE

To purchase Upgrade Shards, Booster Packs and other assets go to the Shop in the main menu. After you purchase is done, your newly bought NFTs will appear in your Wax wallet.
Wallet withdraw and deposit
For withdrawals and deposits click on the token balance on the right top side of the main menu and a drop down will appear.
Click and select if you want to withdraw or make a deposit.
If you encounter an error saying that you deck score is too low, that is because you have reached that maximum score allowed to play a certain tier. See Deck Score page for more info.
You can see you current deck score in the Deck Builder.
Currently you can only equip 1 guardian and 1 healer class in your deck.
Example: If you got 1 Archangel and 1 Starchild, you can equip only one of these two. Both are healer class and you can only have one. Also if you have a Judge Baby, a B-1000 and an OxO Boy, you can also equip just one of the three because all are guardian class.
In Noa Game you can earn rewards for only 1 game per hour or every 45 minutes with a Mana Potion equipped. You can also play 10x reward games every 7.5 hours with 10 Mana Potion charges available.
To learn more about this see the Rewards page and the Mana Potion page.