Noa Gamepaper

Starting a Game

Please see How to Play page for an easy to understand step-by-step guide on how to play Noa.
To start a game, simply click on the PLAY button at the top of the main menu bar in the middle of the screen. The tier select window will open. Select the tier you wish to play on and click START.
Each game takes place in what is called a dungeon. Dungeons have multiple tiers. The higher the tier, the higher the game difficulty will be. If tier 1 will feature an enemy deck with only common rarity cards, starting from tier 2, higher rarity cards are introduced. Each won game rewards the player with NOA tokens and has a chance to drop loot. Lost games have lower token reward and only at higher tiers.
Once a tier is cleared and you are declared victorious, the next tier is unlocked and it will become to play at any time. Hitting the play button will open a new window with all of the different tiers unlocked. A player can choose to progress further for greater rewards and climb the leaderboard too or grind at a tier level where victory is assured.
Winning a game is not guaranteed. Choosing the right deck and combination of hero and support cards is vital to increase your win rate. Boosts are also an important part of Noa Game. See Hero Cards, Support Cards and Boost Cards pages for more info.